Ethnomatters is a research and consulting firm organized around a cooperative model.  The firm is an association of highly skilled and experienced individual researchers and consultants who work individually and collectively to offer high quality services to their clients, while providing support and oversight to fellow members. Ethnomatters is a member of the Innovative Solutions Collective demonstrating its commitment to working towards transformative solutions to difficult problems.

Ethnomatters’ cooperative organizational model is designed to offer support and oversight for the research associates while allowing them to maintain a high level of professional independence and minimal practical overhead.

Associates at Ethnomatters have the freedom to work individually or collaboratively with other members of the firm to best meet the personnel and technical needs of each project.  Consequently, when a project requires researchers of multiple professional backgrounds and areas of expertise, associates can draw upon firm resources to address those needs.  Likewise, if the scale of a project requires staffing by multiple researchers to ensure timely, high quality completion, then multiple associates may collaborate on that project.

While clients may have primary interaction with an individual associate, they also receive the support and oversight of the complete group.  Members of the group will participate in research design and review; ethics oversight; specialized methodological input throughout the project if necessary; and oversight and participation in the final analysis and product creation. This model creates great value for large clients and makes available often inaccessible services for small clients.  Hence, associates at Ethnomatters are equipped to ensure our clients receive the best possible final products.

As you review our associates’ profiles, you will see that they represent a broad range of experience and research expertise.  Associates have worked with a wide variety of clients including governments, foundations, and non-profit organizations, and have conducted projects of variable size, from small, short-term projects to large national, longitudinal studies.  Our associates draw upon a variety of qualitative and quantitative methods to obtain the highest quality, most accurate and effective project outcomes.